Monday, October 21, 2013

Feeling 22

Saturday marked the best birthday I'd had in a long time. It was the first Max and I were able to spend together. Last fall, I was in D.C., desperately wishing I was here or he was there. Though we met a week before my birthday the year before that, we weren't quite at the "hey will you celebrate my birthday with me?" level. (Actually, we weren't even talking, but that's another story you probably already know.)

What a wonderful weekend. On Friday night, we went out to eat at Texas Roadhouse with Max and my Jorgensen parental units. Enjoyed myself despite the fact that I blushed all the remaining pink pigments out of my system when they asked me to sit on a saddle and be sung to by the entire restaurant (note to self: don't eat at Firehouse next year). Watched a scary movie with great friends. Screamed a little. 

Woke up on Saturday (my actual birthday) to the smell of pumpkin chocolate chip pancakes. Ate too many of the aforementioned pancakes. Opened presents. New 35 mm camera lens (love my hubby), new camera case (love my second set of parents), shopping money (love my grandparents), Red Lobster gift card (love my first set of parents) and three express-shipped caramel cinnamon knot donuts from my favorite Missouri donut shop (still love my parents). Went on a motorcycle ride with my lover boy, was treated to all you can eat sushi by Cari and Troy and then came home to a surprise party.... with Dairy Queen ice cream cake. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!

Spent time on Sunday with my family. Couldn't help but test out my new lens some more with two of the cutest girls I know, one of which loves my camera more than I do...

Had a SECOND ice cream cake from Dairy Queen. Mom and Dad J even went all the way to Brigham City to get it for me. I'm a diva.

But just look at this baby... wouldn't you be too?!

Needless to say, I'm blessed, beyond happy and ready for leftovers. 

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