Friday, July 19, 2013

Mario Kart FHE

Max and I decided to throw a Mario Kart FHE (family home evening, for those unfamiliar with the term, is a Monday get-together where you share a spiritual message and fun activity) with a few of our friends, who very conveniently live just down the street!

It wasn't your ordinary Mario Kart tournament, though -- Max and I sat down and created dozens of "handicap" cards. They read anything from "play this round with one closed" to "play this round upside-down." We alternated between boys and girls playing. Before the round began players drew cards to a) figure out which character they were playing, b) figure out which track they were playing, and c) figure out with handicap they were playing with. We tallied points for first, second and third place finishes. At the end of the night, the couple with the most points would take home the Holy Grail of Mario Kart trophies:

The next time we all get together, the winner has to refill the trophy with candy and add something to it (bling, more figurines, an appendage, anything).

"Play the third lap blindfolded."

Megan had to play with one eye covered, Sloan had to sing the Mario song or Eye of the Tiger and I can't remember what my curse was at this point... but I do remember (as indicated by my triumphant pose) that I finally won a round!

Annnnnd... the Judds won!


 Show offs...


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