Thursday, July 11, 2013

Chugging right along

I've been on an adrenaline kick of sorts for the past few days.

First of all, I got an order for some mini-wedding magazines in response to an Etsy posting from a couple of weeks ago. I almost started hyperventilating. I was/am beyond excited about it.

I've also had a few friends approach me with potential side projects that I'm already also extremely excited about.

So, attempting to be the new business gal I'm learning to be, I headed over to Watkin's Printing to get quotes on a few different things. Low and behold, as soon as I showed up, one of the employees immediately recognized me (from my magazine) and told me how much she loved it. She then told us how worried she was that Max wasn't going to show up on our first date and quickly followed her professed concern with a sheepish confession that she had read our magazine from cover to cover.  Totally flattered, but it was admittedly a little weird that she knew everything about us and I had to respond with, "What's your name again?"

And when she took Max and I over to her desk to talk shop, we couldn't help but notice something familiar lying before us: 

Again, I was super flattered... but after sitting there for a few minutes, Max and I couldn't help but wonder if they are allowed to be displaying my magazine at their shop? Or if they should have asked me? Either way, I was too flattered to say anything, but I've since decided I'm going to go back with a sticker for my new website (once it's revealed) and insist they let me stick it on the bottom of the cover. Only fair, right? ;)

It's been a really fun past few weeks trying to get this project moving along. And what makes it even more fun? Having someone there for you, day and night, just as excited and forward-thinking as you. How on EARTH did I get so lucky? 

In other news, we dropped off my little sissy at the MTC (Missionary Training Center) yesterday morning. She flew in on Tuesday so we were able to spend some time together with the family playing loads of pinochle and catching up on life since we'd last talked (which is, well, was, often). It's going to be an adjustment knowing I can't call or text her with a crazy tidbit or wild idea on a whim. She's basically the other half of my brain. It's a good thing I've got Max or I'd be awfully lonely right about now.


I was super spoiled last year because I was able to see her so much. I convinced her to live with me for the summer (I wanted her to meet and love Max as much as I do! In a different way, of course...and it worked!) and then, last fall, when I worked in Washington, D.C., she was only three hours away. We spent five different weekends together; basically, whenever one of us had saved up enough money to justify the trip (and a little shopping on the side), we'd set plans. She saved me from myself that semester in so many unexplainable ways.

Ugh. I already miss her. I'm getting emotional just writing about her goodness.

But you know what? Eighteen months isn't that long. And you know what else? She's out there helping people find the Lord. That's probably a little more important than telling me if I should or shouldn't try foundation mousse (and in what color?!).

I've been seriously blessed to have TWO siblings devote so much time of their life solely for the purpose of bringing people to Christ. (Admittedly, I feel like the black sheep among the Blanchard kids!) 

Me and the sibs at the MTC.

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