Friday, June 28, 2013


Life as a married woman? Much like life as an unmarried woman, except now I watch movies in my underwear. WITH MY MAN.

Anyhow, adjusting to my new name hasn't been easy. To lessen the blow, just as much for myself as my Facebook friends, I initially changed my name to Betsy Blanchard Jorgensen. After a week of guilty, spineless Facebook visits, I decided the Blanchard had to go. Big gulp.

Good job, Bets. Metaphorical pat on the back. I then decided I'd better ride the tide and change my Twitter username while I still had the balls (er, guts, sorry mom).

And then, the worst thing possible happened. @betsyjorgensen was already taken, never used. Le sigh. It was painful trading my beautiful hard-won username for anything less (call me dramatic, but I take pride in my untainted 'betsyblanchard' Facebook and Pinterest URL claims, too), but I've now settled with @betsyjorg. And I like it.

All my cyber love,
Betsy Jorgensen

P.S. In the next few days, I'll be unveiling a shiny new website I coded myself! I can't wait!

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