Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Busy Betsy Bee

I don't know what I'm going to do when I get married. "Busy Betsy Jay" isn't nearly as catchy.

A glimpse into my past few weeks:
  1. on my way home from Salt Lake after a dress fitting, I forgot to turn my windshield wipers off when it stopped raining
  2. watched as my left wiper flew up and over my car and got run over by the next one
  3. got pulled over -- not for the wiper, but for "having no insurance"
  4. yes, I have insurance. no ticket issued
  5. won a cool award 
  6. went to Salt Lake for a PRSSA field trip
  7. forced Max to buy a nice new shirt for our engagement pictures
  8. took my engagement pictures
  9. stared at my engagement pictures, a lot
  10. was pulled over again. for no insurance. I HAVE INSURANCE. no ticket issued
  11. puked my way through the 24-hour flu
  12. listened to Elizabeth Smart speak during common hour; had mixed feelings
  13. discovered a "love note" on my car
  14. was so, so close (!) to discovering the note author's identity before she revealed herself
  15. drove myself to the brink of insanity while finishing the final group project for my Media Smarts class
  16. had dinner at USU President Stan Albrecht's house with the Institute of Government and Politics
  17. got on birth control
  18. cried, a lot
  19. got off birth control
  20. attended a murder mystery bridal shower where I got to act as a crazy drunk for three hours
  21. won the "diva of drama" award at said murder mystery bridal shower, nbd (jk, bd)
  22. attended my own bridal shower and was overwhelmed by generosity 
  23. realized that I'm going to at least quadruple the amount of aunts, uncles and cousins I currently have
  24. seriously considered (/considering) customizing a deck of playing cards with my soon-to-be family members on them so I can remember who's who
  25. went shoe shopping with my sister (-in law) Ashley
  26. had to explain to Max that I bought two pairs of shoes I didn't need
  27. finally got a new pair of prescription glasses (my feelings on non-prescription glasses will be saved for a future blog post.....)
  28. was amazed in the worst way possible by this article
  29. painted and deep-cleaned my -- er, our, hehehe -- basement apartment home
  30. met the neighbors. It will be an interesting year
  31. ordered my wedding announcements/invitations
  32. picked up my wedding announcements/invitations
  33. saw that my wedding announcements/invitations turned out green instead of blue but was too stressed out to care
  34. still don't care 
  35. finished my online portfolio -- it will be revealed soon!
  36. re-did an art project I got a B+ on so that I would get an A in the class
  37. discovered, after turning in the product of 10 hours of effort, that I had an A already
  38. walked around campus all day carrying my art supplies in an underwear box
  39. named Treasurer for USU's PRSSA chapter
  40. moved all my crap into our future easy task
  41. installed snapchat on my iPhone (betsyjorgensen) and have yet to be snapchatted -- hint, hint
  42. blogged to avoid studying for my one traditional final tomorrow

And one month from today, I will be ELIZABETH KAY JORGENSEN.


Seriously EEEK!-ing like crazy over here.

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