Monday, April 22, 2013

Soon to be Mrs. Jorgensen

A bunch of our engagement pictures have already been shared on Facebook, but I thought I'd throw a few more on here. 

Our original photo shoot was scheduled a few weeks ago, but Mother Nature decided to intervene. We then rescheduled a week later, but MN decided she hadn't had all of her fun. Finally, at long last, she decided we were worthy of having them done. We took them on Saturday night and Kylee (of Kylee Ann photography) had them all edited and ready by THE NEXT DAY. Amazing, right?


She started posting sneak peeks just a couple hours after our shoot. I could not stop checking my phone to see if she'd posted more. It was getting unhealthy. I may or may not have wet myself when she told me they were all done and ready to be downloaded.

Seriously, I love Kylee. If you need pictures taken for any reason, call her. She's affordable, quick and super stinkin' friendly. (Not to mention amazing, right? RIGHT AGAIN.) 

Click to enlarge.

She humored us with that last one. Burt was getting a little jealous of all the camera time Max's bike was getting, so we made sure he got into a few shots, too.

Have no fear. I'll throw a few more up on here eventually. (If you're really curious, I can shoot you the link to the gallery. But you'd have to beg. Or bake me cookies. Orrrrrrrrrrrrr...)

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