Sunday, April 14, 2013

Field trippin'

Last Wednesday, I headed down to Salt Lake City with the PRSSA crew to meet with companies to "talk shop." 

We first stopped by Intermountain Health Care, where we heard from all sorts of communications specialists. We spent close to two hours talking about branding, advertising campaigns, digital marketing, national recognition, web accessibility and more. It was interesting, but not at all surprising, to see how much work goes into a single company's publicity efforts. 

Afterward, we power-walked over to Intrepid, a "hybrid" communications agency, where we heard about the start-to-finish marketing efforts invested into SLC's relatively new City Creek Center. Again, it was interesting to see how much energy and resources were put into a single campaign.

We finished our downtown tour at The Salt Lake Tribune news offices. The reporters shared with us their PR horror stories and gave us advice on how to/not to approach them with a "tip." We were granted insight into an entirely different perspective. It was probably my favorite stop (though that could have to do with the soft spot in my heart for the Trib, hehe).

Can I just graduate already and join the real world, please?!

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