Monday, March 4, 2013

More IQ points than dollars

If you're reading this and also happen to be my Facebook friend, I am so sorry. So sorry. Sooooo sorry.

But here I am, one more shameless (okay, shameful) plug. I am in two photography contests. One for a free engagement session and one for free wedding photography. Let me tell you... that's over $1,000 worth of photography. Potentially free.

I'm not sure I can express how much relief winning either of these would bring. Living paycheck to paycheck while simultaneously trying to pay for a dress, photography and many etceteras has been no fun.

So, now that you do or do not pity me, please click the photo below to take you to Kate Osborne Photography's Facebook page. Like her page. Then, find her "wedding giveaway couple" album and like our photo.


And if you haven't already, see my previous post and help me out on the other contest!

All my virtual love,

PS. If you need to laugh a little to get over how angry/annoyed you are at my pestering, please click here. Har, har, har.

PPS. If you are ever, EVER, in a Facebook "liking" contest, tell me. I will help you. I owe you that much.

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