Sunday, March 31, 2013


I'm a blusher. Put me in front of a crowd, no matter the reason, and I'll be as pink as a talking starfish within a matter of seconds.

Ask me to speak to the crowd? My voice will instantaneously choke up, instilling in the crowd fear of a sudden outburst of unwarranted tears. Tears won't actually come. (Usually.)

Okay, blah, blah, blah... long story short, I gave a lesson at church today on testimony and conversion. My public speaking skills are terrible, a great shame considering the fact that subject matter of my lesson was something so beautiful. I really, really hope someone got something from my attempt at a lesson; I know I did in preparing for it.

Awhile ago, Max let me borrow a book he was given while on his mission called "Believing Christ" by Stephen E. Robinson. While doing a bit of reading to prepare for my class, I came across this passage on God's grace (it's a bit long but so very worth the read):
Some of us try similar evasive tactics with the Lord when he invites us into his kingdom. We give excuse after excuse why we can't enter in. But God's grace, which has removed all the obstacles and cleared the path, shoots down all our excuses. By his grace any problem can be overcome, any circumstance can be worked around, anyone can be saved -- if only we just really want the kingdom. We say, "I'd really like to go with you, but I can keep this or that commandment all the time," and he replies, "Can you keep it ninety percent of the time (or eighty or seventy)? Then start there for now, and we'll work on it together!" Finally, in the face of all God has done and is willing to do for us, after he has cleared away all the obstacles and we are faced with an open door, we must either say, "Yes, I do want to go with you," or "Look, I''ll give it to you straight, I just don't want to go." None of us can weasel our way out by saying, "I'd really like to, but I can't." Grace has eliminated every excuse but one: "I just don't want to go; I prefer my sins to your kingdom."
I'm so grateful for a loving God who makes up for what I lack. I don't deserve it.

Happy Easter, everyone. May you recognize the many blessings in your lives!

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