Monday, February 11, 2013

I'm on day four of a week-long Facebook fast.

Why am I doing this?
My friend and I decided to do it together. I'm gonna play nark here: she's already cheated... three times. I cheated once to save a picture in one of my albums to my computer. However, let it be known, I did not look at my home page. I did not check my notifications. I saved the file and got the heck outta there.

And now...?
I can't help but wonder what news, breakups, engagements, events, etc. I'm missing out on. I find myself growing increasingly active on Blogger, Twitter and Instagram. But without Facebook, the wonderful, beautiful, appreciated, adored, shiny conglomeration of them all, I feel entirely disconnected.

By the way, if you or a mutual friend of ours has posted anything on FB worth gossiping about, I beg you to tell me (via e-mail or cellular device).

Update: I survived.

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