Wednesday, December 12, 2012

C-rappy degrees

Accompanying the particularly redundant slew of "finals make my life suck"-esque posts invading social media outlets everywhere comes a phrase more obnoxious than the rest:

Few phrases grind my gears more. (And these others are available upon request.)

Congratulations, you barely exemplified competency. Congratulations, you only almost failed. Really, congratulations.

I imagine, justifiably so, that the correlation line between GPA and career success to look something like the correlation line between the number of dogs in a household and amount of pet hair per square inch of carpet. And yes, yes, yes, I'm well aware that correlation does not imply causation. I took an Intro to Statistics class. I studied for said class. I received an A in said class.

And believe me, I know many smart, destined-for-greatness people who have earned lower than B grades. For the most part, these people aren't the ones flaunting their simply "average" grades. They worked their butts off for that C. Something about the class, the teaching style, study methodology, subject matter, etc. just simply did. not. click. These friends of mine aren't proud that they simply passed. Happy, perhaps. Proud, nah.

Really, the only thing that kills me about the phrase is that PEOPLE USE IT.

Just yesterday, I saw one on Facebook that read something along the lines of: "Not sure why people are posting about their 4.0... Cs get degrees..." Way, way, way more people 'liked' the post than my apparently too-high hopes for humanity would have expected.

Status translation:

"4.0? That's nothing. I'm clearly the real smartie here. I'm not the one wasting my precious time stressing out over getting awesome grades in classes I paid thousands upon thousands of dollars for. I have a great personality."

For the sake of my aforemention hopes for humanity, I'll dismiss that Facebook post as a desperate attempt to pacify any of this person's internal self-loathing spurred by a bad grade in a tough class.

I'll bite my tongue the day this person is my employer.

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