Wednesday, November 28, 2012

losing the stink sitters

When I first moved in, I had a few things to say about the couches in my Arlington apartment -- none of which were particularly pleasant and some of which I blogged about immediately:

"The couches look as if Jack the Ripper came by for a visit. There is a lingering stink of gym socks, sweaty armpits and dried up human flesh. The previous tenants were so kind as to leave their yellow-stained bedding for us. The tub is rusting. There was a surprise (or multiple surprises, however you look at it) in the toilet. An unmopped floor. More stink."
(See the rest of the post here.)
I sent a few e-mails asking what it would take to remedy the situation and was told we would most likely see new couches mid-September.
Well, it's November 28. Better late than never! I've spent so much time (three months, to be exact) finding alternative sitting spaces that I don't think I have much of a use for them in my last three weeks.
Oh well. Future interns of room 504 North, you owe me.


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