Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hurricane Sandy and chocolate chip pancakes

Friday: I ventured off to the National Zoo on a solo trip. I've been a complete slacker in the sightseeing department, so I took advantage of my Friday off and decided to head to the zoo while the weather was still tolerable. I never once put my jacket on.. it was a perfect day to stop by! I must say it didn't quite meet St. Louis Zoo standards, but that could be my bias talking.

Saturday: I went on a run, outside, for the first time in far too long. I had just plopped down on my bed and decided that vegging for the rest of the day was a great idea when Dani called me and convinced me to meet her at Eastern Market for breakfast. It's good to have friends like her who can get me off my too-willing-to-sit patootie. We ended up watching Jonathan Bardzik work his magic.. with food. Good gravy, can that man cook! He heads to the market every week, not to sell anything, but to teach passersby a thing or two about cooking and promote the fresh foods and ingredients being sold by neighboring vendors -- none in particular, simply promoting farmer's market fresh food in general. To top it all off, we get to eat what he makes. If there is any way to explain to you how delicious it was, it can be best illustrated by my saying that I ate brussel sprouts... AND LIKED THEM. We then headed to the Eastern Market Cafe (or whatever it's called), where I ordered the most delicious chocolate chip pancakes! I could, and normally would, have ordered more, but I've been particularly health (and wallet) conscious as of late and decided to poo-poo the grits and bacon.

Sunday: Talk about the coolest day ever! On our way home from church, Val (another intern) and I decided to stop by to cheer for marathon runners going past our apartment complex. It was the 23-mile mark and they were looking very, very, very tired. As a former cross country runner, I know how much a stranger's words can do for pushing past late-in-the-game fatigue. The cowbell people loved us so much, they gave us some of our own to throw about. Shortly thereafter, a Marine approached me and pointed to a nearby megaphone and told me to use it. I was hesitant, but he insisted. "It's mine. I'm telling you to use it." Val stayed for nearly two hours, and I stayed for about 45 minutes after she left. My vocal chords are still in recovery. I've never felt as powerful as I did behind a megaphone. Give me a podium, people!

Monday: The storm came in, slowly but surely. It never got to the terrifying point (for us in the Arlington/DC area) I had previously anticipated, but it was definitely, definitely windy and rainy. I worked. I babysat. I wore my waterproof Keds.

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