Friday, October 12, 2012

One year ago...

I lived in a house of 23 girls. After talking for a bit, a group of us decided that it would be loads of fun to plan a huge blind date. I love taking on projects like these, so I sort of headed the effort to put something together.

The original plan was to have every girl who was interested in participating draw the name of another girl who was interested and they would then be in charge of finding that girl's date. We soon realized that not every girl knew someone to ask, especially someone they thought would match someone else. After trying out a few different methods, I decided that I would find the boys myself.

Don't get me wrong, I had lots of help... but this way, no one (well, besides me) was directly "responsible" for someone else's date. And being the control freak I am, I didn't mind taking the job.

Of my 22 roommates, 15 wanted to participate. I needed to find 15 boys willing to spare a few hours on a Wednesday night to go on a blind date of my choosing. I found several of the guys, but ended up having to reach out to friends of friends, too. In the end, I was able to con 13 boys into committing to the date. My roommate Jessica (now on a mission, bless that girl!) found the last two, one being my own, because I couldn't very well ask a boy to be my blind date, now could I!

As the date drew closer, I started to get reaaaaaally nervous. I suddenly realized that I had no clue what to do with the boys as they began to arrive. There were going to be fifteen boys arriving. BOYS. That being said, there was at least a 20-minute window where different boys would show up. If a boy came, was I going to have him awkwardly wait in the living room with his date while the rest of us waited for ours to show up?

And since I was the only one who knew who everyone's dates were, would I have to stand by the door and introduce everyone to their partner as they came in? What if my date showed up? Would I abandon my door-chauffering responsibilities to meet him?

I decided to have every girl draw a picture of herself on a notecard. It wasn't to be anything particularly fancy. Just a silly crayon sketch of themselves and anything that represents them. I put each girl's picture in an envelope with her date's name on it. As the boys arrived, I did not tell them who their date was. Everyone mingled with everyone until the last boy showed up.

That last boy? My boy. My date. Thirty minutes late.

Everyone felt bad for me. Betsy, the girl who had been stressing out about this date all week, is the one whose date didn't show up.

The other boy Jessica helped me find was apparently my date's cousin. He gave him a call to see where he was. He'd forgotten about the date completely.

(Rumor has it he was on his way to see another girl.. cough cough cough)

He showed up about 15 minutes later. I was the only one in the room who knew their date was. Poor boy. I'm sure I was unknowingly giving him the stink eye.

Anyhow, once everyone was gathered, Sierra and Makena (two wonderful roomies who were not participating in the festivities) volunteered to act as our emcees. They passed the envelopes out and told the boys that inside they would find a picture of their date. Once they saw the picture, they were to scramble around and find them.

The boys opened the envelopes, only to find the poorly-drawn self portraits courtesy of Crayola. They went around to girls who resembled the figures, asking "Is this you? Or you? How about you?" ... it took a few minutes, but finally everyone figured it out.

(if you click on the pictures and look very closely, you can see some of the sketches)

Small talk ensued for awhile before we moved onto the pumpkin carving contest. Every girl was responsible for buying their own pumpkin and supplies, and we set a time limit and carved pumpkins like you've never carved pumpkins before!

We won the contest, but I have a feeling it had something to do with pitying the party planner whose date almost ditched. Just a hunch. ;)

When pumpkins were finished, there were bare sugar cookies (courtesy of Amanda, our in-house baked good goddess) and frosting to be enjoyed!

We finished the night hanging out in the basement, everyone getting to know each other a little better and one of the boys whipping out some tunes on a guitar for all of us to enjoy. It was a blast. My date (his name is Max, for those who haven't figured that out yet) and I didn't really talk all that much, but throughout the night we learned that we had TONS of the silliest things in common. Plus, he totally took charge on the pumpkin carving design (it was a blend of a normal jack o' lantern and some tribal thing from Australia, where he served his memory fails me) which is hot, right?

And oddly enough, I'm going to pumpkin carving party tonight -- the first time I've carved pumpkins since one year ago exactly. Too bad I'm on the other side of the country as my date. Sigh.
Happy one-year-since-I-met-you!
(photos courtesy of my fabulous ex-roommate Carlee!)

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