Thursday, October 18, 2012

getting off my patootie...

I don't work at all on Fridays, so I decided to take advantage of my time off and finally go do something productive. After spending an embarrasing amount of time convincing myself that getting out of bed was the right thing to do, I separated myself from Sons of Anarchy and hopped on over to the American Art and Portraiture Museum.
I took HUNDREDS of pictures. I loved everything, everything, everything. I sorely miss having my daily art class fix, so I was repeatedly inspired to get back into the swing of things. I'm too poor to invest in any real art supplies out here, so my sketchbook will have to do. I've got a handful of projects in mind for when I get back (/actually have free time, so let's be honest, they'll be ideas a long time before they are products). Though I've only attempted oil paint once, and it was a fairly disastrous attempt at that, looking at the beautiful paintings made me so hungry to try. I spent most of my time there staring at the faces. I love drawing faces. Now I need to learn how to paint them.

I had no clue this iconic Joseph Smith portrait hung in the gallery. After three hours of drooling over all the artwork, I ran into it while searching for an exit. (And, let it be known, I was there for three hours and made it halfway through only one of the building's three floors.)
My favorite display (so far):


And how about this Bill Clinton portrait? It was HUGE. How did they plan this sucker out? Props, man. Props.

Saturday was Claire's (roomie) birthday eve, so we went and did a little celebrating. We started off by going to the Spy Museum. We weren't allowed to take pictures, so this photo booth image will have to serve as a summary of the entire experience. If you were spy-worthy, you could figure it out.
And because Claire works in a congressman's office, she was able to snag some tickets to the fall White House garden tours. I willingly took a ticket as payment for being seen with her in public. It worked out.
No big deal. Just hanging out at the WHITE HOUSE. Nothing to be really, really, really, really jealous of. We saw the Obama girls' playground, the White House beehive, the Oval Office... lots of boring, anticlimactic things hardly worth your envy.
We ended the night with a group celebration at Good Stuff Eatery. Apparently some guy on some cooking show, whose name may or may not be Spike, founded the place. There is nothing more Satanic to a calorie-conscious person than a delicious burger joint. I opted for the plainest burger on the menu and opted out of the accompanying fries and milkshake. I am not lying, people. I think it's called willpower or something. Totally worth it though. Best burger I've ever had.

On Sunday (don't judge me people), roommate Alexa took me to a restaurant called Jaleo. I tried several things I'd never had before, namely: roasted red pepper with eggplant, mussels and some sort of fancy shrimp. (I've had plenty of shrimp in my day, but not like this.) I was surprised I didn't hate the peppers and eggplant. I don't know that I would order them again, but I did not hate them. I sort of liked them. Same for the mussels -- they had an interesting texture, which sometimes I struggle getting over, but they were pretty tasty. As for the shrimp! MMMMMMMMMMM! I love shrimp. I've yet to find shrimp I don't like.
It was a fabulous weekend. I'm starting to feel cultured. Weird.

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