Thursday, October 11, 2012

Counting down...

I've never been one for countdowns.

 ...with the exception of going home for Christmas after living away from home for my first time. I'll admit that I went a little overboard (FB statuses, profile pictures) and probably reeked of freshman to anyone who came across my page...

 ...or that one time I got really, really, really excited about my brother coming home from his mission...

...or that one time...
...and that other time...
...and who can forget the last time...

Alright, fine, whatever. I'm a countdown whore. I kept trying to convince myself that my annoying countdown tendencies were only "rare" incidents, but I'm beginning to realize that they have been more the norm than the abnorm.

That being the case, I can call this keeping with tradition.

As I've said in nearly all my posts lately, I'm happy to be here, but excited to go home. In a sad attempt to convince time to trot along just a little faster, I've made a list of all the things I have to look forward to in the coming months, namely:
  1. My 21st birthday, 8 days. Nothing says "hurry time!" like the newfound ability to assist permit drivers.
  2. Halloween, 20 days. I love Halloween. I'll probably be too lazy to do anything this year, and I don't really don't what I would do or with who, but at the very least I can justify breaking my diet for a night and eating a bag of candy while watching Zombieland.
  3. Visiting Steph, 23 days. This is tentative, but nonetheless a possibility worth looking forward to... visiting Stephanie usually means eating junk food (instead of dinner, naturally).
  4. The presidential election, 26 days. So exciting! I'm interested to see how DC reacts. No matter which way it goes, it'll be a very exciting time to be working with the media and I couldn't be more thrilled to be here for that.
  5. Home for Thanksgiving, 40 days. For the first time since I left home, I get to spend Thanksgiving with my parents! Steph, too. Alex and Ashley won't be joining us, but they get to have their first Thanksgiving together so I'll forgive them.
  6.  The Hobbit/final day of my internship, 64 days. I think one of the few things I'll be sad about is the end of my internship, but I'll get to end my four-month stint with THE HOBBIT. This is a Friday, and I technically don't work on Fridays, so I'll probably spend the day packing and commuting to Buena Vista so I can see the movie with Steph. Or... or... we'll patiently wait until we're home to see it with Ma and Pa, too...but that would take an awful lot of dedication/patience that I don't currently possess.
  7. Christmas in DisneyWorld, 71 days. Yes, I'm spoiled. You'd think that this along would be enough to keep me going, wouldn't you? It probably is. I'm beyond excited for it and currently stressing out about the not-so-secret Santa gifts I have to locate. Hmmmmmmmmm.
  8. Arriving at the Salt Lake City airport, ?? days. I'm not sure when this will be yet, but I am looking forward to this day more than anything else. Max doesn't know it yet, but he'll be picking me up. (Consider this your heads up, boy.)

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