Monday, October 22, 2012

21 and as happily sober as ever

As a Mormon, a 21st birthday has the potential to be extremely... typical.
I googled "privileges that come with being 21" and have concluded, thanks to a gaggle of well-informed Yahoo! users, that my newfound privileges consist of:
  • getting wasted
  • getting really wasted
  • buying booze
  • drinking and gambling
  • adopting children
Seeing as I don't drink or gamble and I'm too poor/irresponsible/unstable to adopt another human being, I was worried this birthday would feel rather pointless. As the big day drew nearer, and I received packages, cards and Facebook well wishes, I couldn't help but slap myself on the wrist as I thanked my lucky stars for all the wonderful people in my life who helped make my birthday feel so special.

The Grones are my favorites.

Stephanie, not so much.

The Australian "Socceroos" scarf Max sent me. :)

Even the family I nanny gave me a little surprise. They bought me a huge set of Burt's Bee's products, too. Can you say spoiled?

Ashlex = Alex and Ashley, my brother and new sister-in-law. Always affectionate.

Pictured above: art sent to my by some of my favorite Jorgensens (let's be honest, they're all my favorite), including a picture of Marilyn and I in the sky (see far right). You can also see the cute candy corn decorations from Sara. :)
And what birthday would be complete without a pair of RUBBER waterproof Keds? (Thanks, momma bear.)
And it wouldn't be a gift from my mother if it didn't somehow include yarn.
"Ghost and Graveyards" Colonial tour in Alexandria, VA.
 I love spending weekends with my sister. We shopped (perhaps too much), dined (apricot-glazed chicken wings and mango chicken salad, mmmm) and even did some homework together. It was the perfect way to celebrate. I sure am blessed. 

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