Sunday, September 9, 2012

Lyric driven

All too often, we take the supposedly fateful timing of a song on the radio or the untimely experience of a friend as divine inspiration and allow it to dictate a difficult life choice we don't want to make for ourselves. "It must be fate," we convince ourselves. "Why would that song be playing at this moment?" "Why did she/he/it confide that in me when I needed to hear it most?"

"That must mean something."

Listen, folks. That song and that story has been there this whole time. Maybe you were too busy thinking other thoughts to hear it, and maybe you were only half paying attention to a friend with a circumstance. The only difference this time? You were listening.

Taking to others' words (whether in coversation or as a song lyric) is natural. We want comfort. We want direction. We want to feel justified in our decision-making processes and having even just one other "voice" is often good enough. Be wary of making rash decisions based on a timely arrival of words.

In many cases, there are a plethora or songs or people with experience that each suggest entirely different methods of crises-handling. Don't act on the first one you heard because you finally listened. Act on the one (if you act on one at all) because you weighed the circumstances, looked at your options and came to the coincidental conclusion that so-and-so happened to be right. And for the rest of your life, take their every word as you would Bible verses.


(Please don't do this.)


(Taylor Swift is a lunatic.)

Now, with all that being said, let it be written that there is nothing wrong with simply enjoying a song because it described your circumstance better than you could.

Mine for today:
Stranger than your sympathy
And this is my apology
I killed myself from the inside out
And all my fears have pushed you out 
And I wished for things that I don't need
(All I wanted)
And what I chased won't set me free
(It's all I wanted)
And I get scared but I'm not crawlin' on my knees

Oh, yeah
Every thing's all wrong, yeah
Every thing's all wrong, yeah
Where the hell did I think I was?

And stranger than your sympathy
Take these things, so I don't feel
I'm killing myself from the inside out
And now my head's been filled with doubt

We're taught to lead the life you choose
(All I wanted)
You know your love's run out on you
(All I wanted)
And you can't see when all your dreams aren't coming true

Oh, yeah
It's easy to forget, yeah
When you choke on the regrets, yeah
Who the hell did I think I was?

And stranger than your sympathy
And all these thoughts you stole from me
And I'm not sure where I belong
And nowhere's home and no more wrong

And I was in love with things I tried to make you believe I was
And I wouldn't be the one to kneel before the dreams I wanted
And all the dark and all the lies were all the empty things
Disguised as me

Mmm, yeah
Stranger than your sympathy
Stranger than your sympathy
Don't worry, even if I wanted to somehow construe these words into some sort of directions, I'm not big into having metaphorical regrets lodged in the back of my throat.

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