Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ask yourself: should you vote?


I'd love to claim ownership of this chart for aesthetic's sake -- and that alone, though it is an interesting chart.
What screamed out to me was that according to this survey, 35% of potential voters DO NOT KNOW THAT MITT ROMNEY IS A MORMON. While I recognize that a candidate's religion should play no role whatsoever (unless their religion says to murder every third child or only use goat's milk for cereal) in anyone's vote, what this statistic says to me is that 35% of potential voters DO NOT KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON.
It doesn't take more than watching two days of news coverage or reading more than a handful of stories on the upcoming election to know that Romney is a practicing Mormon. I see it spotlighted all...the...time.
(I'm simply praying that this survey was conducted in some rabbit hole of a town with no internet or access to printed media.)
The same goes for people like this, who I honestly fear just might be old enough to wield a voter's registration card:

If these uninformed voters are actually heading to the voting booths, which most of them will, it raises the question: what are they voting for? I will tell you: they're blindly voting for the party they glued themselves to early on in life, whether that be because of their parents' party of choice, their friends' party of choice, or whatever party caught their eye for one reason or another, once upon a time.
Now, I can honestly say that I do not care who you vote for or if you vote at all. I really don't. However, if you plan visit a ballotbox November 6, please, please, PLEASE read up on the issues. PLEAAAAAAAAAAAASE. I BEG THIS OF YOU.
What's November 6, you ask? Oh. You're really asking me this. I see. Well, if you must know, it's the day before election day. Yeah, that's it. Sleep in. Don't bother getting dressed. Stow your registration card somewhere far, far away where no one would even dream of finding it. Hell, burn it! I hear you don't need one anyway.

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