Monday, August 27, 2012

I'm really here!

I am beyond words.

KIDDING! Words are what I do. The day I'm truly "beyond words" will be the day I retire die.

I arrived at the Reagan National Airport on Saturday afternoon where my beloved friend (/genius/GWU student) Soo met up with me. She kindly gifted me with a metro card (something my naivety led me to neglect) and helped me find the way to my new apartment. We got a bit lost in the underground mall, so we emerged to the surface and continued to remain clueless. Carrying two 50 lb. + bags was no easy task. After nearly an hour, we found the apartment.

I was told to request my key at the front desk upon my arrival. They had no clue who I was and sent me to the Leasing office. The leasing office, also confused about my identity, sent me back to the front desk. The front desk, once again, said to wait at the leasing office. This played out for a couple more rounds before I finally told the front desk lady: "I'm sorry ma'am, but I'm not going back to the leasing office."

I felt.. ballsy (pardon the crude slang). It did not take more than 24 hours to realize that beginning a sentence with "sorry" in this town was far from courageous.

After an excruciatingly frustrating hour, I found myself finally unpacking my things. Do you remember those pictures I posted of the apartment? I got those off their website. It took less than two steps into the apartment to say outloud: "ah, so THIS is why there weren't any pictures of the rooms."


The couches look as if Jack the Ripper came by for a visit. There is a lingering stink of gym socks, sweaty armpits and dried up human flesh. The previous tenants were so kind as to leave their yellow-stained bedding for us. The tub is rusting. There was a surprise (or multiple surprises, however you look at it) in the toilet. An unmopped floor. More stink.

Only one other girl has moved in yet, so there is very little to distract us from all of the aforementioned conditions.

Bigger sigh.

If anyone has a Scentsy (or some other wonderful stink-masking device), a large floor rug, or anything pretty to cover our bare (and, of course, dirty) white walls, I'd be happy to take them off your hands!

Don't let my many criticisms sway you otherwise -- I am VERY HAPPY to be here! The other interns are simply fabulous and the city offers plenty of adventure. Even church on Sunday offered something unexpected. I'll be sure to blog more about all of that soon. For now, really... I'm all about acquiring a Scentsy.

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