Monday, July 30, 2012

Hi, I'm Betsy and I like to bowl...again

I almost didn't graduate high school.

It had nothing to do with grades or poor behavior.

It had everything to do with bowling.

You heard me. Bowling.

Due to poor planning and my love for newspaper, I failed to schedule one last semester of a PE class. A few months into my senior year, I was informed by my guidance couselor that if I didn't find a way to take an additional semester of gym, I wouldn't be able to graduate on time. Needless to say, I had a panic attack. ME? NOT GRADUATE? I'm top ten in my class! (Or so I thought. I ended up at 11. Still bitter.) How could this be?

I was finally granted permission to take an online class for the credit. I could take a jogging class, but that required actual jogging. I could take a swimming class, but that required a basic ability to swim. Tennis, weight training, golf, fitness -- none of these appealed to me. I wanted something easy.

I'm smiling, so this must have been early on.
That's when I saw it: "BOWL 041: BOWLING." What beautifully arranged letters. Bowling. BOWLING. Does bowling even count as something physical? Psh. No problemo. That's it. Sign me up. I'll bowl.

Turns out, it's not easy to learn how to bowl online. It stressed me out, so I put it off. One month before graduation, I wasn't even halfway through the course that was supposed to take a few months to finish. My mother decided that enough was enough and told my newspaper teacher at parent teacher conferences about my horrifying procrastination. I was grounded. No, not by my mother. By my teacher. While everyone else worked to put our our final issue, I was forced to learned about bowling techniques. I was second in command on staff, but forbidden to speak with any of my staffers.


I quickly got my butt in gear and whipped out the remaining lessons. I was then forced to bowl over 40 games within a week in order to send my coursework in on time (120 average = A+). Luckily, the local bowling alley had a deal where you pay a set fee and bowl an unlimited amount of games within a certain two-hour time frame. I was there every day that week.

Forced Steph to bowl with me on this glorious turkey day.
193, all-time high.

I received my passing grade two weeks before graduation. I had never felt more relief in my life up to that point.


I didn't go bowling for over a year after the ordeal. Too many painful memories. Lately, however, I've been bowling an absurd amount with Maxipad. Apparently, he took a bowling class once upon a time, too. We've been going at least once a week for over a month now.

Some days I kick his butt, some days he kicks mine. It's a wonderful relationship. We always play two games; the first is a warm up, and the second means business. Loser buys shoes and first round for the next time, and winner buys just the second round. Good deal, eh?

We decided that while I'm in DC, we'll continue to bowl "together." If one of us decides to bowl, we'll let the other know. We'll still compare scores and everything. We haven't figured out the consquence for losing part yet... Any ideas?


Dad said...

You know, most guys wouldn't consider Maxipad a term of endearment . . . just sayin'

Betsy Blanchard said...

You would be correct. He hates it. I figure if he ever actually reads my blog I'll know because he'll say something to me about it. ;)

maxnbets said...

Yes. Yes I do hate it. Please edit this :)