Monday, June 11, 2012

Survey says...

To follow up my last post, the verdict is in:


I will be living in Washington DC during one of the most exciting times in history and working with two writers from the Salt Lake Tribune to produce Political Cornflakes. Talk about big blessings being sent my way. I couldn't be more humbled/excited/energized.

It's unfortunately going to drain my meager bank account (not a paid position) and force me to leave some special people behind for a few months, but I have a feeling it will be wellllll beyond worth it in the end.

Speaking of special people:

This was taken at Max's dad's 60th suprise birthday celebration last weekend. All the kids and their families came in town for the party. We aren't sure if he was actually surprised or not, because immediately after arriving, he went to his car and brought in the "birding awards" for the year so far. (The Jorgensens are having a family "Big Year" --  a year-long competition to see which family can identify the most birds. Max and I are currently in second to last place, but our upcoming trip to Missouri should put us over the edge! ;)

In the mean time, who wants to babysit Burt? And/or buy my housing contract? ;)

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