Thursday, June 14, 2012

Missouri checklist

I'm headed home for ONE WEEK as a pseudo-tour guide. If you were to try to sum up the outskirts-of-St.Louis experience in one week for a westward traveler, where would you take them?

Here's what I've got planned thus far:
  1. St. Louis Zoo -- can the St. Louis experience ever be complete without a trip to the world famous free St. Louis? I daresay the answer is no.
  2. Six Flags St. Louis -- I've actually grown to miss its smells of fried turkey legs and barfy/sweaty people. <3
  3. Wild Bird Refuge -- This would not normally go on this sort of list, but seeing as I'm in the midst of a family birding competition...
  4. Science Center -- Simply cool.
  5. Cahokia Mounds -- Again, an atypical "to-do" for this sort of list, but I'm really excited about it.
  6. El Tio Pepe -- The lady always knew my mom's order before we sat down. (And I can't bring myself to be embarrassed about that.)
  7. Fritz's Frozen Custard -- Mmmm. I can already taste the turtle sundae I'm preparing to order.
  8. Paul's Donuts -- Well, while we're talking about food here... peanutbutterstripeanyone?
  9. St. Louis Mills mall -- Not my favorite to shop at, but I've always loved walking around the inside...and driving the go-karts...
I sense a hole here. What is my list missing?



We made it to every single one, and then some! I'll post some pictures eventually...


BreAnna said...

What about the Arch? I feel like that is a must for a St. Louis trip :)

Chris and Katie said...

City Museum!

kelrut11 said...

definitely the Arch! and busch stadium, even if you can't go to a game. Grant's farm, even though its similar to the zoo, nothing beats feeding those goats (more like being attacked by them)

Anonymous said...

Ted Drewes, Fitz's, Grant's Farm, City Museum, Anheuser-Busch Brewery, The Arch