Tuesday, May 29, 2012

How evil are you?

Here, take a peek at what a fellow human being said about me:

"The EVIL MORMONS were EXILED to the BARREN WASTELAND of UTAH hundreds of years ago by GOOD CHRISTIAN AMERICA who saw the satanic MORMONS for what they really. were . AS MOST FLED to UTAH , many MORMONS sought refuge in the dark depths of the earth ,,closer to their real HOME & MASTER. these MORMONS became the MORLOCKS, hideous foul creatures that where known to but a few ON THE EARTHS SURFACE,, like HG WELLS who described them very clearly . NOW the MORMON PUPPET WILLARD 666 ROMNEY is poised to revenge the mormon exile , SEIZE ABSOLUTE POWER and ESTABLISH a MORMON REICH in AMERICA ; his evil ARMY the L.D.S. LEGIONS of DISCIPLES of SATAN, are already on the MARCH,the MORMON ARMY is soon to be joined by the MORLOCKS who shall ascend from the depths of the EARTH . This prophecy has been fortold to be happening now in this times by many scholars and prophets and must be stopped to save AMERICA,, from the evil MORMONS. WAKE UP CHRISTIAN AMERICA, BEFORE it is too LATE"

Rumor has it this guy is an aspiring author with a strong background in investigative research. I think he might even volunteer at the Humane Society. And boy, oh boy, am I glad he is there to remind me of my true nature. Sometimes I get these crazy ideas that I'm a normal, decent person with no plans for a demonic collaboration for world power.

In all seriousness, if you are in search of cheap entertainment, I highly suggest you read the comments following a Politico article on Mitt Romney posted last night.

Some of my favorites:

"If you conservaturd idiots want to bring up a 20 year old relationship based on faith with Wright, then good ole' Mormon doctrine is fair game. So I want answers to 1) the Joe Smith Pedophile questions 2) Magical Mormon Undies 3) The seer stones and magical hat 4) The magical tablets and 5) Let us into your temples just like you can visit a synagogue or a catholic church anytime. If you are hiding something, it is for a reason."

"Mormonism is a cult not a religion"

"I'm not voting for any member of the Mormon cult."

"This is a joke right?  People don't actually believe this stuff.. do they?  I grew up Mormon in the North East, so I know the bigotry is out there... but come on.  Either this is a joke or the anti-Mormons are more troubled and dilutional than I thought."

"Instead of serving his country admirably when needed, Mittwit chose to run away to France. He is a coward, as are his sons. Not one of them has stepped up to serve our country."

"This is hit-and-run tabloid journalism.  The author digs up a "so-and-so once said that so-and-so once said" rumor that has been officially disavowed by the Church for a century, peddles it as some new "scoop," and then waits until the final paragraphs of the article to note that the Church actually doesn't endorse, believe, or preach it.  It's an inch away from slandering an entire religion. If you are interested in what the Church actually believes and teaches, try going to the website www.mormon.org, which lays out our beliefs very clearly.  Here is a primer: We believe in God the Eternal Father, his son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost.  We believe in faith, repentance, baptism, and the Holy Ghost.  We believe that we are saved through God's grace and the Atonement of Christ.  We believe in donating our time, talents, and money to help those who are less fortunate.  We believe that family relationships can endure forever in heaven.The "Mormons are mysterious" meme doesn't carry water when the Church has over 50,000 full-time missionaries trying to teach the basics of our faith to anyone who will lesson."

"Mormonism is the Devil's Cult and Mitt Romney is the anti-Christ."

"I don't consider Romeny's faith while deciding on who to support, but I live in fundamentalist area and I cant imagine them voting or working for his campaign. I guess they might hate Obama enough but with some of the things I have heard and seen based on what they believe about the Mormon faith I will be shocked. Heck they wont let their kids play with children who are Mormons."

"Yes, Obama still believes in science and he's not planning on mormonizing the world. You have no idea how dangerous the MOrmon church is. You'll see. I wish this was a joke, but its not, they are really really ****ed up. Do you realize that think they restored the religion of the Pharoahs from thousands of years before the start of the bible. I'm talking like 10,000 BC. Do you want to live in an ancient egyptian type environment? Sounds crazy right? Yep, they are do damn crazy you have no idea."

"So....are you going to give other religions this same treatment?  Write-ups of Irrelevant theories about how arcane 200 yr. old urban legends are some kind of motivation today?  Or do you just save this kind of unsubstantiated freshman level analysis for the Mormons?If it isn't just for the Mormons....given all the religions and all the stuff you can find in their respective histories, it should keep you quite occupied coming up with endless scenarios to speculate over.  I'll make it a point to pass them up in the future as well."

"Don't forget that each of Mitt's 5 sons also decided against serving their country in the military, and instead took the big-money path their dad took."

"Similar to his bold statement that he will make sure the US has the strongest military in the world, yet not one of his 5 sons served in the military."              


Religion, for either candidate, should not warrant such commentary or political obsession. Quite frankly, it is pathetic and speaks volumes to the insolence of the critic at hand. Religious critique is one thing, brash religious critique of a political candidate in a country where standing is (should be) irrespective of religion is another.

Reading through all of these comments, I'm forced to wonder how many of my colleagues, friends, etc. have ever wondered - or currently wonder - when I was planning to seduce them with my evil Mormon blasphemy (evil fangs included/excluded) and stick them in a pair of magical evil underwear...

To set aside any fears: there was just the one attempt in summer of 2008. She's still Catholic. 

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