Wednesday, May 30, 2012


There are days I know I was meant to be a writer.

I’m not speaking of the contractual obligation many self-proclaimed writers feel requires an interest in or production of off-color poetry and novel writing. I’m talking about the ability to communicate artfully in everyday situations too often taken for granted.

I think words should be -- for lack of a better word, ironically -- pretty, no matter their purpose. A sentence thoughtfully produced can turn the ugliest of subjects into something readable and thought-provoking.

I read a slew of beautiful sentences at work today.

Here’s one:
As a result, many entrepreneurial start-up firms and research laboratories fail to accumulate the necessar capital to see their innovatice research concepts translated into commercial products and ventures.
So many shiny, wonderful words tactfully placed.

Though I’ll admit this fascination with a report on the commercialization valley of death is a bit disconcerting, I am no less convinced of the power of the (carefully) written word.
Something I wrote at work today:
The technological and commercialization valleys of death are where new, innovative technologies seek their final resting place – and only the implementation of strategic investment campaigns can keep these ventures from falling off the map.
New research concepts too often lack the funding to develop and test the market capabilities of a commercial product or to fund demonstrations of commercial-scale projects or manufacturing facilities.
This is a plague among innovation. Without the essential financial support, potentially powerful ideas die in the early stages of development before given an opportunity to exist in the global marketplace.
Pretty, no?

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Paige said...

Quit being such a good writer and making me jealous.