Thursday, February 9, 2012

Maybe I just suck at sucking up

Tuesday, 3:01 p.m.

I enter my Communication Research methods classroom and see that our professor has carefully laid out the pop quizzes from the week before on the long table at the front. I'm running a little late for class, so I quickly shuffle up to the front of the classroom, grab mine in hurried shame, and sit in the nearest available seat.

3:02 p.m.

Perhaps I'm too nosy, but I as I sit down I can't help but attempt to sneak a peek at the quiz of the girl sitting next to me to see how she did. Instead, I notice that her upside-down quiz (dang) reads "ΑΧΩ loves Professor Bullock!!! <3" in cutesy handwriting on the back.

Gag. Me.

3:26 p.m.

I've stopped listening to the lecture. My mind (and my eyes) keep returning to that way-too-bubbly handwriting on the back of that mini-quiz.

..Seriously, where is the line? Where do we stop trying to win our professors over using elementary school methods? And at what point do we ask questions out of actual curiosity instead of as an attempt to gain favor of hard-to-please teachers?


The second week of this same class, I overhear a trio of girls whose conversation went a little something like this:

Girl A: "Can you wait up for a second? I wanted to talk to the teacher for a sec."
Girl B: "Yeah sure, what for?"
Girl C: "How long are you going to be?"
Girl A: "I'm just going to ask some question about the first assignment. But mostly I want to get in her good favor."
Girl B/C: "Oh good idea! I'll come with."


Apparently, this sort of thing is nothing out of the ordinary. I have friends, roommates, classmates that actively seek out ways to achieve this very same thing. I'll admit that I'm too proud to do the same, but am I wrong in thinking it is unethical?

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