Friday, February 17, 2012

i haz a problem...

I have this relentless internal battle that sways endlessly for/against proper punctuation and capitalization on the internet, especially Facebook. The writer in me screams in sheer terror every time I dare leave a lowercase "i" out to dry, and the social networking junkie in me begs for some differentiated (and justified) jargon... where do I/i draw the line?

The I/i dilemma is not alone. I also struggle with the capitalization of proper nouns, stylistic > proper punctuation, the list goes on.

i don't know what it is exactly, but there's something about the look of a dotted line that i just adore. maybe it's the fact that i can get away with using it on facebook without any direct outlashing of disappointment (now, private shameful nods are another story entirely). maybe i'll call it some strange distorted version of therapeutic release for all this pent-up writer's paranoia.

On the other hand, there is something so beautiful about a crisply-constructed sentence that I cannot get enough of. I secretly pride myself in my ability to present my thoughts clearly, and I think that the proper use of a capitalized "I" is a major player in that grammatical game. I love knowing when I've published a "pretty" sentence. I HAVE FAVORITE PUNCTUATION MARKS FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE (the dash and the semi-colon, for those wondering).

Big sigh.
big sigh.


2/27: After reading this post, my good friend Tyler suggested THIS BOOK to me. Now I really do want it. Who wants to buy it for me? I'll sign it. With or without proper capitalization, that's up to you.


Leslie B. said...

My favorite punctuation mark? The semi-colon!

Best non-punctuation mark? The ... used to link random thoughts (probably should use the semi-colon!) haha

Punctuation and Capitalization and Grammer...awh...great when used properly!

Your Mother

A Stud Named Cory said...

In the third paragraph you forgot to capitalize one of your i's. bahaha

But seriously, I always use "your" in texts instead of "you're" because it's easier to text. Every time I cringe a little internally cause I know it's wrong.

Betsy said...

studnamedcory, that lowercase i was on purpose, silly.