Tuesday, October 25, 2011


As I sit in the dismal realm of the white-walled laboratory (perhaps gradually becoming as unstable as quick glance of this room would have you believe me to already be), patiently awaiting the next batch of rat-handling students, I wonder if I'm going to accomplish anything worthwhile in this lifetime, if the phone number written sitting right here on a chunk of an old cereal box is worth shooting a creepy text, and perhaps of greatest concern, if the strange smell coming from the pigeon cages will ever leave my desperatelyneedstobewashed hair.

I've found that when you leave me too much time to think, I create all sorts of impossible/improbable/....bizarre scenarios in my mind. So, what's the thought today?

Let me put you in the situation I've envisioned myself a paranoid, potential victim of. You are told by some very important person (let us go with a tyrannical boss-like figure) that you must absolutely, positively not forget some very important meeting with some other very important person (possibly the oppressive boss-like figure to your own tyrannical boss-like figure) on some very distant (but equally very important) date in the future.

The question remains: where would you record this not-to-be-forgotten meeting time? How would you ensure that you could in no way whatsoever miss this important event? Where is information perfectly secure?

A planner? I've lost many a good-intentioned daily calendar.
A phone? Gravity over toilet bowls seems to work better than anywhere else.
A dry erase board? The name itself kills that idea.
A friend? I've already forgot the instances I've even been asked to remember something, not to mention the actual messages involved.
Memory? Tell that to last night's oven-mutilated dinner.

I find it remarkable that the only place I could trust myself to place such invaluable information would be to send myself an e-mail...

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