Monday, July 11, 2011

I'm as guilty as you are

Something I've noticed about girls (not a particularly surprising revelation): we are obsessed with each other. We are obsessed with the idea of being together. We are obsessed with the idea of everyone knowing what we do and who we are with... that is, only if we find our doings and associations worthy of public knowledge. Should that be the case however, we want the world to know.

"Can you say Facebook status?"

We are cliquey, obnoxious and self-centered. We want to be seen and be heard at the expense of others who have, when it comes down to it, done no harm to us - their only crime being that of a decided (not by their own choosing, of course) lack of inclusion.

To further worsen the cause, these girls ("these girls" being one of every two girls on this planet) use to their advantage such advances as the inside joke...

Yes, I have something against inside jokes. You are perhaps wondering if this declaration, or maybe even this post as a whole, is an inside joke in and of itself. I must regretfully inform you it is not. Let me first say, that in the right context, inside jokes serve a very useful purpose. They bond us with those who we have shared some experience with, and often rekindle friendships that are otherwise lost with the passage of time and development... I myself have used an inside joke or two to resurrect a relationship with friends come and gone. In this regard, I am nothing but an advocate of such comic privacies.

It is when these jokes are mentioned in large, socially desirable (as determined by the mention-er) atmospheres that I question their utility. What purpose, other than to rouse the intrigue and attention of others, do they serve in such a situation? None at all. It is these scenarios, when inside jokes are used as an attempt to garner outside appeal, that I find fault within them.

To tie this into my "thesis" of sorts, I will leave you with this: girls are attention-whoring, friend-discriminating buttheads.

Now boys on the other hand...


McKay Coffey said...

You should be a newspaper journalist.

Chris and Katie said...

LOVE! Hahahaha Funny Betsy!

Stephanie Blanchard said...

HARSH! Yet, so true. :)