Thursday, June 2, 2011

To-do List...

So, I'm home.


My grandparents were kind enough to buy me an accompanying plane ticket for their week-long Missouri graduation visit. I wanted to surprise Stinkanie (formally known as Stephanie) for her graduation... so, voila, here I am! She said that I - along with my less-than-subtle mother - had been dropping hints that often would briefly give her the impression I was coming home, but she still freaked out when I crawled up to the back door with the dogs when she was calling them in last night. (I even have the war wounds to prove it. Note to self: Don't wear stud earrings when expecting an excited embrace...)

There are some things I want to do before I'm shipped back off to Utah:

Peanut butter stripe from Paul's Donuts: 6/2
Go shopping:
Lunch at El Tio Pepe's:
Get a stamp on my SMOOTHIE KING card:
Run the old XC trails: 6/2, ...
Watch Scrubs reruns with the Stinkmeister:
Hang with the gang:
Check out the flea market in STL:
Chase the dogs in the backyard just because I can:
Zoo or a Cardinal's game:

Missouri, I've missed you... (your humidity not so much)

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Gabby Moore said...

We should go to the flea market togetherrrrr :) Because I've been wanting to go too!