Monday, February 14, 2011

My thoughts on February 14th

[Remember when February was once such a hard word to spell?]

I think Valentine's Day is more of a comical holiday than anything else. I do not say this out of spite, jealousy, whatever; I simply find everyone else's reactions to it to be particularly overdramatic and, well, funny.

I think most girls I've met (I live with 40 on my floor alone, I would know) would fit under one (or more) of the following categories:

Valentine Virgins: those who have never had a Valentine on Valentine's Day and are intensely curious as to what the holiday would be like with one.
Forget-Me-Nots: those girls who think too highly of themselves and place too much stock in the holiday itself; they laugh at the idea of a meager gift of chocolates, roses and a candlelit dinner. They mistakenly believe that the "Valentine's" in "Valentine's Day" is simply a typo where their name should belong instead.
Moaning Myrtles: these are the ladies I find most humorous - they wallow in self-pity, lack self-worth and insult others for their self-righteousness. To put it simply, they claim hatred of the holiday simply as a result of their lack of participation in it.
Gag-Me's: they do exist! The girls who truly, honestly hate Valentine's Day. They can often be found sputtering phrases like "consumer-driven holiday" and "******* Hallmark." Now whether
their spite stems from Valentine virginhood is another question.

For the sake of time, I will stop there. I've heard countless perspectives on the issue. One of the most common: "I think you should express your love every day of the year, not just on Valentine's Day." To these girls, I must both agree and disagree. If we are go along with this argument, all holidays must be reconsidered. Why "only" appreciate your moms on Mother's Day? Why "only" cater to your dads on Father's Day? Why "only" celebrate our presidents on President's Day? (Although let's be honest, the only thing we celebrate that day is no school and a three-day weekend...)

Valetine's Day is great. Worthy of pouting over? Nope. So, from a self-proclaimed teddy-bear appreciator (future Valetines, take note;): Happy Valentine's Day!

And for you Myrtles, happy Singles Awareness Day.

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Stephanie Blanchard said...

Betsy, you crack me up. And I love the names you came up with!

There's no doubt I know some of those! Like seriously, I know a girl who skipped school yesterday because she couldn't handle "being alone" at school. I was like, really?! Being single doesn't mean being alone, like you have all your friends and family, too! Don't they matter?! Hahaha

But you're right, the holiday is really what you make of it. You can be a Moaning Myrtle and MAKE the day miserable for you, or you can rejoice in it! Not even enjoy it, just at least tolerate it! It ruins it for other people. Sorry that they are not as depressing as you myrtles and still have some grain of hope for the rest of their lives lol.

Anyway, you're such a funny writer!love you!