Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A growing perspective

Here I am after my first semester as a college student. I can honestly say I'm just as much a different person as I am the same. (Some things will never change - for example: my last post? Messed up that same afternoon.) I think leaving the comfortable niche I made for myself back home may have been the best thing I've ever done for myself. I've learned so much not only in my classes, but about a different way of life...ways of life, I should say.

It's easy to forget that an everyday thing in one place could very well be an entirely foreign one in another. Words, phrases and concepts I thought were commonplace would occasionally warrant a "huh?" or "what did you just say?" from those around me. I was so interested by these subtle cultural differences, I started compiling a list...
  • The word janky.

  • The word shrug, like the clothing item.

  • No one here has ever had/even heard of gooey butter cake.

  • Llamas. My Eng 2600 teacher likes riding up mountain trails on his llama...

  • There is a Smoothie King here, but I have yet to meet someone who's ever been.

  • People don't know where Missouri is.

  • Someone asked me what state Missouri is in.

  • When I say my name is Betsy and I'm from Missouri, I get cow jokes. Too many cow jokes. (For the record, it's BESSIE the cow. Juhhheez.)

  • When I showed some friends my neighborhood on GoogleEarth, they were shocked that our roads were made of concrete.

  • My "diamond" earrings are "HUGE!" in the eyes of everyone here. I thought they were small(ish)?

  • Tall Nike socks on girls? Unheard of. I've yet to see a girl other than myself to wear them. Boys, yes. Girls, no. Period.

  • In elementary, middle and high school, students here are required to take classes on "Utah History." Apparently New Mexico is like that too...I don't think I could name much more than Missouri's state bird and tree.

  • Snow days in Utah are rare, despite the fact that they get tons more snow here.

  • The rumor that Utah has the world's greatest snow? Confirmed.

  • Yes, this really is the Mormon capital of the world. Holymormons

  • Utah does not have a donut shop that I've yet to visit that could ever rival Paul's Donuts.

I think knowlege of other cultures (despite the fact that a place just a few states over is often overlooked as a separate cultured entitity, but should be) is so grossly important in today's age. In any age.

I'm glad I took a chance.


Thu said...

I miss you. and this entire post made me laugh.

you make my life better.

Betsy said...


Leslie said...

Yeah, Missouri! Miss you, Betsy!