Saturday, November 6, 2010

Let's play catch up

I finally have some free time. I have never in my life felt so busy as I have these past couple of months..

School? Going stupendously....until my Anthropology test this week. Note to self: don't procrastinate. I used the fact that I got As on my first three tests (two in Psych, one in Anthro) as justification for not having to study nearly as much for this past one. BIG MISTAKE. It's strange how I literally LIVE at the library and spend more time there than anywhere else but yet I am starting to beomce gradually less productive. I think it has something to do with the fact that everytime I'm there, I meet new not only do I get distracted in conversation with them, but I also get distracted with people I've met on my past library trips. Sigh.

I have a brief stint with thinking I wanted to major in Anthropology, but I'm already over it. I also had a brief stint with Psychology, but I"m over that one too. Now I have no clue what to do with myself and Honors priority registration is this coming week. What to do?!?!?!

I've been playing intramurals soccer. My outdoor team was coed intramural champions :) Now I'm playing coed futsal and it's a ton of fun. I love it. Not quite the same as playing with a real team though...

I somehow got pink eye - and no, no one farted on my pillow - and so that's been a challenge. Luckily it's only in my left eye, so I still get to wear a contact in my right eye. If it spread to both, I don't know what I would do with myself! My teacher asked me to leave class on Thursday when he heard me say something to a friend about it, so I guess there are some perks! ;)

I went to Lagoon last weekend and then came back in time to get ready for "The Howl," the supposedly biggest party in Utah. People from other states came in for the party. My friend Katie and I attempted to go as birds, but it didn't exactly pan out as we had hoped it would...we "took" 300+ paint samples from WalMart to use as feathers (we were going for very, very cheap) and the attempt to bird-ify ouselves proved to be a more difficult challenge than we had anticipated...needless to say, we arrived at the 8p.m.-1a.m. dance at 11p.m. only to realize there was an hour-long wait to get in (the line wrapped around the entire building), hating our lives/situations/costumes, we left. We went and goofed around in the graveyard (yes, there is a GIANT graveyard in the middle of campus, right by our dorm actually) and then went up into the canyon with our friends Ben and Jake and told scary stories. It was such a fun night. If you don't know what skinwalkers are, google it.....

Last night I went to my first basketball game, but I don't know if it i should count - it was just an exhibition game. It was a blast nonetheless. Basketball games are what people LIVE FOR at Utah State. Everyone goes. And unlike our football team, our basketball team is actually capable of winning, so it makes it all the more exciting!

My brother gets home on TUESDAY. As in TUESDAY. As in THREE FREAKING DAYS FROM TODAY. I can't tell you how excited I am to see him and how happy I am that he is returning safely! I woke up at 7:10 this morning to a phone call from a strange number (55193491259) and answered it, only to discover it was Alex!!!!!!!!!!! He had received special permission from his district president to call home to ask about getting released immediately upon his arrival at home, and called my number by accident instead of my mom's. It was a happy surprise :) And I got to hear his ACCENT....yes, he has a Brazilian is adorable. I love it. I wish I could go home for Thanksgiving to see him, but at least there's always Skype!

At church, I am now a visiting teacher. Sigh. I feel old. Annnnd on top of that, I had my first tithing settlement this past week. I don't like being an adult...too much responsibility!

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