Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My best day ever.

I would wake up to caramel banana french toast being served to me in bed. On this perfect day of mine, calories would be unimportant... nonexistent even. I would be able to eat as much as I'd like without getting either full or fat.

After breakfast, I'd come downstairs to Shia LaBeouf waiting for me in the living room, car keys in hand. My chauffer for the day! And of course, the car would be a Volkswagen Beetle Convertible painted like a soccerball - and furthermore, it would be mine to keep after the day's end. Even my dog Mia would get to come with us.

We'd make all sorts of stops on our road trip, knocking off a bunch of things on my bucket list. We'd go to a drive-in theater to watch a movie he's in. We'd take flight in a hot air balloon (naturally, he has a hot air balloon flying license). We'd take a train ride to New York where we'd eat pepperoni pizza and then travel immediately back.

Did I mention there would be 72 hours in this single day?

We'd then head to Hollywood so I could meet Morgan Freeman, Ryan Gosling and Dule Hill. Heck, there'd be a party there in my honor with all my favorite actors and musicians. The menu would consist of an endless cantaloupe bar with cheesecake for dessert. We'd drink eggnog with nutmeg in plastic cups with built-in straws. Snow Patrol would play a live concert, with Five for Fighting as the opening band.

After the party was over, we'd head back home and enjoy an evening around a bonfire with my closest family and friends, eating tons of smores. Oh, and Shia would pull a Landon from A Walk to Remember and tell me that he got a star officially named after me. The end.

I helped teach a class on journaling and blogging at church yesterday, and asked the girls to help me with my next blog post by writing about THEIR best days ever.

My best day ever is when we went to the corn festival. Because we rode pony's. Laura, age 9.

Grants Farm. Petting goats and feeding them was breath taking because of how little they were and how innicent. They were like angels without halo's or wings. I hope I go there again. Clarisse, age 11.

The perfect day would be to be a prinnsses. I'dd have a castle. I would have lots of ball gowns. (Most of them will be yellow.) I'll have a big ball and invite everyone in the village. Then I'll have a magnifisent Feast. For desert everything will be chocolate. Emily, age 10.

My mom and me went to Waplehorse and I went down a slide like I was falling. Annie, age 11.

A never ending bithday with lots, & lots of present. And an I-pod touch for a present. And get lots of money. Ashley, age 10.

A perfect day would be a day of never ending 4-square. I would be playing with the best people in school: Dallas Dotin, Daniel Borrelig, Audrey Baker, and me!!! Malia, age 11.

A day of neverending softball and shopping. I would get to the places by a Ford Mustang GT. And everytime I bought something I would get $. Meagan, age 11.

What would your perfect day be?

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