Friday, June 25, 2010


I think there will always be those people who attract awkward situations and those who simply get the privilege of being able to laugh at those in them. Though I wish I was one of the latter, I've finally come to realize that I will always, always, always be one of the former assortment..

A couple weeks ago, for example, I was sitting in my car. (Note: IN my car. Not BY my car or ON my car. IN my car.) I start the engine, pull out of the driveway and head to soccer practice. It's hot out, so I feel the necessity to roll down my window part way. As I'm pulling into the complex, I feel something hit my arm.

Bird poop.

I was literally twenty seconds away from rolling up my window and getting out of my car. But yet, somehow, this bird angles his numero dos juuuuust right to where it flies into my car and onto both my arm and my rearview window control buttons... that was fun to clean up.

It could be aruged that that was more of a matter of unlucky timing, and that anyone and their mother could have become victim to that stinking (in more ways than one) bird's leftovers. This incident was more of a testament to an already evident truth rather than something that suddenly sparked a "paranoia."

It seems to me that personality is the deciding factor in determining which of the two categories - them being those who do and do not attract awkward situations - you fall under. As for the qualities of said personalities, I have yet to figure that out...

Just a thought for the day.


kitkattoblerone said...

OMG Betsy I know exactly how you feel! I have been pooped on twice by birds. On the head nonetheless, both times! lol I just wanted to let you know i'm in the first and second catagory :) We all laugh at others(I have a feeling stephanie was just rolling on the floor laughing at you haha), but i'm sure we've all felt like "how come we're the only ones that attract these situations?" Also I wanted to tell you I really like your blog it's very interesting to read and in a way inspiring!

courtney7gunnett said...

Sorry that "kitkattoblerone" is me Courtney, I used my AIM account to leave the comment before.

Betsy said...

Courtney I love you for commenting on this! Thank you for reading my blog :) And hahaha I bet she was. Steph's a ninkumpoop (sp?) afterall. And I think in a way we are all probably in both categories...that's a really good point, actually!