Monday, June 28, 2010

Last time I trust a life jacket..

Got back from Blue Springs Ranch last week and, believe me, the (2nd degree?) sunburn on my back and poison ivy that continues to spread all over my body won't let me forget it. Don't get me wrong though; It was the most fun I've had all summer.

I'd never been on float trip or done anything like it since "the family incident" that occurred when I was in elementary school...

Our first (and only) family canoeing trip. We were floating along the Meremac River, all five of us - mom, dad, Alex, Steph and myself - in the same canoe. We let Steph help my dad paddle and it wasn't long before we were face-to-face with a scary-looking log. And it wasn't even longer before our canoe tipped over as a result of said confrontation. Steph's life jacket did its job well, which was especially lucky considering she fell out of the canoe and started floating down the river at an unusually fast pace... My dad got out quickly and went to fetch her. My brother and I weren't so lucky seeing as our life jackets got caught on the log and it slowly but surely starting turning under water, us going with it... My mom's life jacket wasn't working and she was having a hard time staying still in the accelerated waters, let along trying to pry us off the log... Had we not been by a bank with a few adult men there who caught sight of us in our predicament, who knows if I'd be here to tell of this "incident" at all! I wish I had gotten their names.

So.. you can see why we don't really do those sorts of things as a family anymore... and why Steph is the butt of a lot of jokes about incapability, hehehe.

Greg, myself, Jodi. We froze Austin's swim trunks several times throughout the trip. The first time, we soaked them in water then stuck them in the freezer; the second time we stuck them in a ziplock bag full of water; the third and final time (as pictured here) we stuck them in the ice tray in the freezer and made an ice cube. :)

Oh! And, being the thoughtful sister I am, bought two matching mood rings from the store out there. One for me, one for Steph. That way we're always connected, even when I'm out in Utah.

P.S. I found an old calendar and flipped through it only to discover that it was chalk-full of some really interesting quotes. I will share with you one of my new favorites: "The problems of the world cannot possibly be solved by skeptics or cynics whose horizons are limited by obvious realities. We need men who can dream of things that never were." -- John Keats.


Tyler Kirk said...

Glad you made it out alive! Good idea on the rings. Very thoughtful!

Oh, and the new look is great. Cute pic.

Betsy said...

Thank ya sir :) I'll have to tell you more stories about my actual float trip sometime too.. let's just say I feel like a new woman after witnessing all the things I did hahaha

Stephanie Blanchard said...

hey! i finally read this, ya jerk!

but it's true. and thanks for the ring, i'm going to miss you :'(

i love you! ...purple! hehehe

Betsy said...

You're welcome sis. Ps...rainbow! Hahaha, whoops. So much for waterproof.