Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Washy about Washburn

The Washburn coach and I set up a time to talk today about playing at Washburn. I dialed his number very hesitantly (never been a good phone-caller...sometimes even calling Papa John's is too difficult) and pressed call.

He was a pretty nice guy. He asked me a few questions about soccer, my weaknesses and strengths, yada yada...then we talked about my favorite books, movies and music. That part was pretty cool. He mentioned that I have to LOVE to work out/train/run. While I do love soccer, it would be lying to say I enjoyed those aspects...

On top of it all, he said they don't give out very good academic money, and the academic money they do give out must be applied for by....yesterday.


On a brighter note, I am well on my way to making some serious BANK! I applied to be a test subject a medical studies company and if I'm selected/attend all the required sessions, I'd make $1500. It's only a two-week commitment. Not sure how I feel about my "blood being drawn 15 times a day, minimum" but I'll make it work. With $1500, I could...go on a shopping for my senior trip...convince someone to adopt Stephanie...

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Katie Coffey said...

HEY!! Woohoo a blog! I'll leave a comment so now you can have acess to mine. :)