Tuesday, December 1, 2009

betsy's baaaaack!

I'm still breathing!

The other day I was told that those who want to become better writers need to keep a regular blog - perfect fuel to get me back on here.

College apps - early admissions ones, at least - are just about all due today. Talk about stressful. I have this horrible paranoia that I've forgotten to apply somewhere that I will end up wanting to go...

USU & BYU are in. SVU is on its way. Any place I've forgotten? Ahhhhhhhh.

Inspired by both my love for ice cream and my indecisiveness toward this whole college thing, I've come up with what I call my "flavor of the day." It's whatever college I'm "so sure" I want to attend on any given day. For example, in the past week, I've been "so sure" I want to attend Washburn (school with a D.II soccer program I'm considering) annnnd Southern Virginia. Hm.

today's flavor

P.S. Love Heath Ledger?

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